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Gratuitous Pictures of Your Sister’s Weekend Wednesday

This past weekend was my sister’s bridal shower and bachelorette party. This week isn’t going to allow me the time to gush properly, so I’ll just say that I caught myself tearing up on Sunday night when I stopped to think about the fact that my little sister is going to be someone’s wife in just over a month. And now on to the highlights…

We horrified my mother and forced my sister to talk with her mouth full.

We took pictures of daughters and sisters:

We were awed by the best use of the bride’s last name as a bachelorette gift (sorry, that’s all you’re going to see here):

We painted the town red:

We listened to country music (and I begrudgingly admitted that Jennifer Nettles is pretty adorable):

And we’ll have to find another occasion to have someone wear this shirt, as it turned up exactly one day too late to be of any use. (Surprise, Liz!)

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